After a few trips on our AMD CH-650 (S-LSA, with 100HP engine), Elen and I started to talk about the idea of building a faster airplane. This would allow us to fly more frequently to Texas, where our oldest children live.

Several talks later and a visit to our buddy Jared Salomon, we were convinced that a Vans RV14A would be the best choice for us.

If you don’t know, our current plane (601WD) flies an average of 100mph. The RV14 is almost twice faster. Also, while we can barely fit in our small cockpit, the RV has way more space, allowing us to have up to 100lbs of luggage, while 601WD supports up to 40lbs only. With these specs, we believe we can fly to Texas in about 4hs.

I am scared, after all, I barely know how to use tools but, Elen is super excited with the building idea. She is even learning to fly (“on her terms”).

The building will take a few years so, enjoy the ride with us through this website!

By the way, the registration number for the new aircraft is N11EL (oner oner echo lima – but you can call her “Neil”) – in fact, the EL is a homage to Elen Luce .