Take a good sample code (in this case the Simple Pool from Corona Game Edition), add some spices and steroids, and the result is my first game for the iPad: Pregoball HD.

Pregoball HD is a flick soccer game for 2 players. You pick your team color, check if it is your turn, and start to play. For this first version, you can play in “Free Mode” only, meaning you defining your own rules regarding time and score. Future updates will allow you to play by time or score.

How I build it? Corona Game Edition (see www.coronalabs.com), plus Fireworks with my Exporter to Corona extension. I built all the interface (nail position, etc) in Fireworks and the Exporter built the basic main.lua file for me. With that, I picked some snippets from the Simple Pool sample (which comes with the Game Edition), added my own code, and, in less than a week the game was ready!


By the way, the name Pregoball is a reference to the word nail in Brazilian Portuguese (“Prego”).

Hope you all like and comment. I will work on an iPhone version for the next days.

Thanks, Alex