My new notebook arrived yesterday. After spending a few hours installing software, here go my first impressions:

1) The “thing” is really beautiful. The design is very slick, the keyboard feels nice and the screen is really gorgeous;

2) I installed Parallels 5 and Windows 7. Parallels implementation is very cool, allowing you to run Windows in several different modes (from full screen to just some icons in the Mac dock). The integration with the dock is amazing: you can have Mac and Windows icons as they were in the same system;

3) I need to adapt myself to the huge track pad (I bought a Microsoft mouse – really good!, in the case I don’t adapt very quickly);

4) The worse thing for me was to discover you cannot “maximize” your applications. Yes, you have to resize them manually if you want them to work full screen, like you do in Windows. It is going to be a matter of adaptation but, I really love to double click a window to maximize it;

5) I installed also Office 2011 Beta (I can’t go further than that). It is really cool, although a little different than the Office 2010 I am accustomed to use daily;

About my mobile app development journey, I applied also for the iPhone developers program but I didn’t received my authorization yet. This is very weird if compared with Microsoft. Here, you do not pay to become a developer, neither you have to wait “up to 24 hours” to get access to the software you paid $108.41 bucks ($99 plus taxes).

As soon as I get access to the SDK, I will install Corona and report my experiences.