From time to time, people ask me what I like to do when I am not working or, even, what do I do to de-stress myself. The simple answer is “I love to paramotoring”.

Flying a powered paraglider (or paramotor) only requires a paraglider, an engine, and the desire to see the Earth from a different view (check some of my old photos from my album at Flickr below):

Besides the amazing sensation of flying, paramotoring allow me:

  • improve my planning skills (you must prepare for long flights, and be always ready for emergency landings, if you engine shuts down);
  • see the world from a different perspective – everything changes, from the colors to the shapes, the familiar landscape expands, birds flying below you, etc
  • take risks and get rewards. Although I do the possible to flying safe, there is always risk involved. However, you can minimize it and (as described in the bullet above) getting rewards that most humans will never get.
  • focus on the task. Usually I am doing more than one task at the same time (prototyping while listening music, walking and thinking about a problem I have, etc. When I am flying, nothing else matters. It’s only about flying the glider and enjoying the scenery. No more daily stress, just me.

This is probably my most personal posting but I decided to share with you because all the things I mentioned above are related with me (and probably you) designing. We must take risk, we need to see things with a different lenses, we plan, and we get rewards. We are more than just designers, we a summation of our skills, desires, hobbies, you name it. So, enjoy your work as you enjoy life and vice-versa.

If you like to see the “action”, check my friends video (I am flying the white glider with green and yellow detail):