As you can see, the main screen is based in the great interface provided by Bing app (I love it) and it is not final yet.

Today I progressed a lot with the new environment. Before to talk about the application and Corona, let me tell you that the configuration of the iPhone SDK is painful. Thanks to the manual from Corona I could finished all the certification steps and could build my first demo apps.

So, let’s talk about Corona. I installed the trial version (30 days). It works smoothly, just not allowing me to build applications for real (meaning sending them to Apple Store or save them in my phone without the Trial alert). I am planning to buy it in the next days.

I spent the first few hours today in my first app designing the main screen (see above) in the new Fireworks CS5 (I am running the trial version – too much money for the same month). After being comfortable with the button positions, I moved on to code.

The application (I can’t disclose very much) will target people interested in to know more about <places I cannot tell now)> around the world. Users will be able to call, get more info and even send pictures and stories about the places to the community site I will build.

In the next posting I will discuss my first hours with Corona and Lua.