After a few months hiding this info, I can finally announce that my plugin for Photoshop is part of Corona SDK. When Carlos Icaza asked me to work on that (after I announced the Fireworks to Corona Exporter – more here), he also asked me to NOT make it live until Ansca could add it in the Corona package. Today was the day!

I strongly suggest people interested in to use it (works on Photoshop CS and above, in both Windows and Mac platform) to check the Fireworks posting, as both code work in a similar way: they get the elements of your design and export a main.lua file, with positioning and attributes (for example a font style).

To those ones in a hurry, here goes a quick instruction on how to use:

a) Create you Photoshop file, using layers for each element;

b) Each grouped layer will be scripted as a single image;

c) If you have a button in your design, add the word ‘button’ or ‘but’, in the layer name (for example: “main_but”, “button_Main”);

d) Background images follow the same concept: name a layer using the ‘background’ or ‘back’ works;

Send me your suggestions and comments!