If you are using Corona (or any other software that uses sprite sheets for animations), you need to create sprite sheet files (basically a file with all poses of your animations). There are several sprite sheet software available, although most of them are paid. In order to avoid pay premium for basically just one feature, I decided to create a Photoshop Sprite Sheet Exporter. Check below how it works:

1) Install the extension from here;  Due my fulltime job/commitment with Kwik, I cannot support this script anymore. It is only available now with Kwik’s Subscription

2) Create your animation. Remember that each frame must be created in an independent layer. See the example below (the numbers are just to show the frame numbers):


3) Your layer panel should be like this:


4) When ready, activate the exporter:


5) A new file, called spriteSheet.png will be created in the same folder of the original file. The exporter will create a file with maximum width dimension of 1024px.

Let me know your comments! Enjoy!