This is the part I hate the most on the build: you set everything together to, then, set them apart again.

Below, deburring the parts:

Then, cleaning up edges:

To then prime everything (the picture does not show the final results):

Considering we started later today, I am happy with the progress.

Our original plan for lunch/afternoon, was to fly a bit. However, due to the strong (for my airplane and Elen comfort), we just drove to Paulding Airport (the new home of N601WD starting next week) to check the new hangar.

There, we met Jared and Wes who invited us for a formation ride. I flew with Wes in his beautiful RV-7a and Elen flew with Jared in his RV-14a (first time she flew an RV). She even did several acro and flew the plane herself. I am proud of her!

Thanks Jared and Wes for the flight. It was amazing!

By the way, did I tell you I drilled my finger? Ouch…