This is a frequent topic after presentations: Do you recommend a book for topic A or B?

Before provide my favorite list, let me remind that I DO NOT receive anything from publishers or authors to recommend them. The list below is just a sample of books that helped me in past projects.

[Usability] Don’t Make Me Think from Steve Krug stills a classic. It is simple and very effective. You can read it in 1-2 hours and after that you will master the usability topic.

[Overall Design] Designing Web Sites That Sells from Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis. This one is hard to find now (really do not know why there is no more editions of it. It is beautiful and insightful even if you are not designing a commerce website.

[Interface] Designing Interfaces: Patters for Effective Interaction Design from Jenifer Tidwell. I have to admit I have never read it from cover to cover but it is a good companion when you need a reference about use or not a specific type of interface component.

[Project Management] Web ReDesign from Kelly Goto and Emily Cotler is a plus when you need to understand how to update a website, how to communicate well with your customer and also document your progresses.

[CSS] The Art and Science of CSS by Sitepoint Publishing. Quick reading, color samples and good tips on several topics like forms, menus, etc.

Can you share you list with me now?

Take care,